Devji Gold Rate

Purity of Gold


Price per gram

BD 19.300 - BAHRAIN

RO 19.500 - OMAN

Purity of Gold


Price per gram

BD 21.000 - BAHRAIN

RO 21.800 - OMAN

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10:04am ( GMT+3)

Gold prices are subject to market conditions. Prices vary by city. For updates join our WhatsApp channel at +973 35000987

Why Devji

Devji since 1950; the name that stands for gold, has earned a formidable repute in the GCC for providing the best in jewelry to its loyal clientele. Built on a solid reputation that spans more than half a century.

Every Devji product is accompanied by the four invisible labels of purity, quality, craftsmanship, and value. At Devji we strive to give our valuable clientele the best.

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Jewelry crafting is revered as a rare art form at Devji since 1950 The jewelry collections on display at Devji since 1950 capture the essence of this philosophy.

  • Aabhushan- means Adornment in Sanskrit, Gold as a metal has adorned great civilizations. This collection comprises the myriad possibilities of craftsmanship, while retaining the brilliant yellow sheen, which is unique to pure gold. The collection is comprehensive with a vast variety of choices in Necklaces, Chains, Earrings, Rings, Pendants. Bangles, bracelets & anklets.

    FACT ABOUT AABHUSHAN: The finishing technique at Devji since 1950 marries both tradition & technology to bring out the vivid yellow color in gold. The treatment provided helps jewelry retain its sheen for years to come.

  • A tribute to the glorious Indian tradition of crafting jewelry finds expression in this extraordinary collection. Elements used in this collection are reminiscent of those pieces that once adorned kings & queens. The regal quality of the collection makes each piece a statement piece.

    FACT ABOUT TANVI: Signature alloys that are special to Devji since 1950 are used to bring out the antique matt color of 22k gold. The alloys however do not effect the purity of gold.

  • Tara – a shining bright star in the dark night sky. This exclusive collection of diamond & precious gem jewelry, is crafted using the finest of materials. Set in 18k gold, with round brilliant diamonds, pieces from this collection range from everyday wear to occasional wear. The collection also has a vast range of jewelry pieces in Rubies.

    FACT ABOUT TARA: Tara diamonds are cut specifically in order to maximize the brilliance. The fire & dispersion of light in these diamonds are what sets it apart.

  • The queen of gemstones- Pearls is crated to perfection in this unique collection. Tamanna means Desire and true to its name the Tamanna collection is designed to stir a desire in every woman’s heart. Crafted in pure 22k gold, Tamanna jewelry is created by a team of in-house designers and craftsmen who are the best in the industry.

    FACT ABOUT TAMANNA: The pearls in the Tamanna collection are tied togther using silk threads. This is an ancient technique that requires a great degree of skill. Using of silk threads ensures that the pearls do not get damaged.

  • This collection is inspired by the Anatolian & Grecian civilizations & is infused with both Indian & Middle eastern elements. Each piece in this collection is crafted with a deep passion for art. The color of the gold is a break away from the traditional shiny yellow of gold. Surfaces are finished with a variety of textures & patterns to create a stunning result.

    FACT ABOUT MATFI: Matfi is a loose translation of the word Matte in Arabic. The color & texture of the gold is unique as are the designs.

  • Designed specifically for the woman of today, the Tiana collection comprises of pendants, rings, earrings & bracelets. The collection is light in weight and ideal for everyday wear. Be it the workplace or a casual movie date, pieces from this collection are the ideal companion.


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